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HPO Women's Yellow and White Jumpsuit Tiger Costume Bundle

HPO Women's Yellow and White Jumpsuit Tiger Costume Bundle


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Unleash your wild side with our Women's Tiger Costume, perfect for Halloween or cosplay! This costume is made from breathable flame-retardant synthetic fabric, ensuring your comfort and safety while you roam the jungle.

The costume features a sexy and sleek tiger-print jumpsuit with a deep V-neck and long sleeves, giving you a fierce and bold look. The jumpsuit is designed to fit snugly and flatter your figure, ensuring you'll turn heads wherever you go.

Women's Tiger Costume for Halloween or Cosplay!

This comfortable and durable costume is perfect for hours of fun and adventure, allowing you to fully embrace the role of the powerful and majestic tiger. Whether you're prowling around the party or showing off your moves on the dance floor, our Costume will make you feel confident and unstoppable.

So, embrace your inner predator and let out a fierce roar with our stylish costume. Get ready to rule the jungle with our Costume!

Notable Features of Women's Tiger Costume:

  • Women's Tiger Costume is perfect for Halloween and cosplay events
  • Breathable cosplay costume
  • Made of soft synthetic fabric
  • Appropriate for any gender
  • Comfortable fitting


  • Yellow and White


  • Jumpsuit

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