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Men's Anime Demon Hunter Dark Red Spiked Wig

Men's Anime Demon Hunter Dark Red Spiked Wig


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A teenage demon hunter whose only goal is to save his sister and turn her into a human form again. If you consider yourself a huge fan of Japanese manga and anime series, this particular wig is something you can get excited about. Cosplay this awesome character from a very popular Japanese manga and anime series in the next Halloween or any cosplay convention you attend with our new burgundy wavy wig. Inspired by the appearance of this character in both manga and anime, our wig is combed back to show the full forehead with a tied-back ponytail to resemble his iconic look. The wig is made with high-quality synthetic fiber, the breathability ensures maximum comfort, plus, an adjustable cap of 18-22 inches in diameter can accommodate both adults and children.

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