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Billie Buns | Green and Black Sad Pop Space Buns | Premium Halloween Wig

Billie Buns | Green and Black Sad Pop Space Buns | Premium Halloween Wig


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Do you tend to overthink about what other people think about you? Are you unnecessarily self-conscious to pull off something new because you think people would ridicule your decision and laugh at you? You need to step up and break all those social stereotypes with our Lime Green Edgy Icon Double Bun Wig. This wig is inspired by a very THE teen powerhouse of the 2020’s, rising from a pop prodigy to winning 7 Grammys and Guinness World Records holder. This icon has come a long way fast, and there is nothing accidental about her success, except for her trademark Neon Green and Black hairstyle! Yes, you guessed her right! Those drenched roots were an accident turned genius. Famous for her 90s'-reminiscent, streetwear-inspired style, it’s her hairs that has always caught the eyes cosplay lovers all over the world. Her aesthetically pleasing music and brave hairstyle could easily be the nudge you need to step out of your comfort zone and break stereotypical barriers. This wig features heat-resistant fibers and an adjustable wig cap. Because cosplay is an inclusive form of fandom and expression, we know our wigs can be worn by any gender, our wigs can also accommodate children with an adjustable range of 18-22 inches in diameter.

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