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HPO Men's or Women's Dapper Creature Playboy Wig Collection

HPO Men's or Women's Dapper Creature Playboy Wig Collection


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When your family is as eccentric and bizarre as this Dapper Creature Playboy Wig, it's hard to hide. People will inevitably stare and speculate. Rumors will spread. The best thing to do is to stop caring what people think about you because real friends won't care if you're made entirely of hair or if a dismembered hand is your family servant. With our 66-inch-long Wig that includes an iconic hat and sunglasses combo, you can cosplay as this classic character and be his eccentric, bizarre self.

Reasons you should get this Dapper Creature Playboy Wig for your next party:

This Wig is a great option whether you're dressing up as your favorite movie character or simply want to spice up your regular look. It's simple to develop your own distinctive appearance with this cosplay item.

This wig is both fashionable and safe because of its non-flammable synthetic fibers. The high-quality, breathable capless cap guarantees a snug fit ideal for prolonged wear.

Look at some of the key features of this Dapper Creature Playboy Wig:

  • Capless cap design
  • Perfect for cosplay events or parties
  • Can accommodate Children 5 and up
  • Appropriate for women, men
  • Not suitable for heat-styling
  • Not appropriate to dying

So why wait? Add this stunning This Wig to your collection today, and become the center of attention at your next party!

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