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Women's Evil Fairy Godmother Costume | Black Fancy Halloween Costume

Women's Evil Fairy Godmother Costume | Black Fancy Halloween Costume


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Step into the realm of enchanting darkness with our captivating Evil Fairy Godmother costume, inspired by a timeless character known for her malevolent allure. Embrace the essence of this character with this spellbinding ensemble that includes a bewitching black Witch Dress and a horn-like Hat.

The Witch Dress exudes an aura of power and mystery, featuring a flowing silhouette with intricate details that add an extra touch of wicked elegance. Crafted with synthetic materials, the dress drapes gracefully, making you feel like a true sorceress of the shadows.

Complementing the dress, the horn-like Hat adds a touch of ominous charm to the entire look, completing your transformation into a formidable fairy godmother of darkness.

Evil Fairy Godmother Costume For Your Next Cosplay Party

Perfect for costume parties, themed events, or Halloween, this Evil Fairy Godmother ensemble will leave a lasting impression as you bewitch everyone in your path. Embrace your inner malevolence and unleash the magic within with this enchanting costume.

Notable Features Of This Costume Bundle:

  • Made of non-flammable synthetic Materials
  • 100% Cruelty-Free Cosplay Costume
  • Perfect for Halloween and other cosplay parties
  • Appropriate for adults and teens
  • Available in multiple sizes

So, why wait? Get your costume now and stand out!

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