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HPO Men's Fake Human Hair Walrus Mustache | Brown Color

HPO Men's Fake Human Hair Walrus Mustache | Brown Color

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A walrus's moustache is a comical variation of a human's style. One unique feature of walrus facial hair is that it grows continuously throughout the animal's life. Females have shorter hair than males, and their hair is white, not black. A walrus's moustache consists of thick, coarse hair that grows on the upper lip and around the mouth. They can extend their moustaches to manipulate the water and create their signature 'bubble' behaviour. A walrus can also use its moustache to grip ice and eat, as in the case of an ice-blocker. A walrus can lose its moustache, which can be an indicator of stress or illness. Because of these interesting facts, some have compared a walrus's moustache to wearing false teeth.

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