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Furry Dog Collection | Men's White Spiked Furry Dog Fancy Costume with Tail

Furry Dog Collection | Men's White Spiked Furry Dog Fancy Costume with Tail


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This men’s white costume is a fun and unique cosplay accessory that can change your appearance instantly. It is designed to mimic the appearance of a furry dog, complete with a white and spiked fur dress, a furry dog wig and mask.

Why should you choose this men’s white costume for your next cosplay or theme party?

This versatile Men's White Costume is a great option for cosplay events, Halloween parties, or any occasion where you want to stand out in a fun and unique way.

The costume is crafted with comfortable synthetic fabric. It can keep you warm and cozy during cooler weather also.

Moreover, the tail of this costume is a standout feature, adding an extra touch of authenticity to the furry dog look. It is attached securely to the back of the costume and moves realistically with your movements, making the costume all the more impressive.

Notable Features:

  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Designed for a comfortable fit
  • Perfect for Halloween and cosplay events
  • Breathable cosplay costume
  • Made of soft and synthetic fabric
  • Appropriate for women, men and children
  • Comfortable fitting


  • White

Item includes:

  • Dress
  • Wig
  • Mask

So, why are you still waiting? If you want to unleash your wild side and embrace the inner canine at your next party, just grab this men’s white costume right now.

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