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HPO Men's Medieval Fantasy TV Series King North Fur Faux Costume (Bundle).

HPO Men's Medieval Fantasy TV Series King North Fur Faux Costume (Bundle).


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Rock the next cosplay party with our Medieval Fantasy TV Series King North Fur Faux Costume. Have you ever found yourself captivated by fantasy TV shows, daydreaming about what it'd be like to embark on a medieval adventure? Well, now you can turn those fantasies into reality! Unleash your imagination with our exclusive medieval persona costume bundle, expertly crafted from breathable synthetic fabrics for maximum comfort.

Included in this bundle is a luxurious, thick cloak adorned with a furry texture designed to evoke the spirit of ancient warriors. You'll also receive a stunning leather-look warrior tunic, adding an authentic touch to your medieval ensemble. Completing the set are the adventurer pants, ensuring you're fully prepared for whatever quest lies ahead. And let's not forget the practical hood on the cloak, keeping you snug even during the chilliest escapades.

King North Fur Faux Costume for Your Next Cosplay Party

Perfect for Halloween, cosplay events, or simply indulging in your wildest daydreams, this costume offers the ultimate experience. Not only does it transport you to another time and place, but it's also remarkably cozy to wear.

Choose from an array of striking colors, including white, red, black, green, and more, allowing you to tailor your medieval persona to your liking. Additionally, we offer various sizes—Large, Extra Large, Medium, and Small—so that everyone can embark on their epic journey.

Notable Features of King North Fur Faux Costume:

  • Perfect for Halloween and cosplay
  • Breathable cosplay costume
  • Made of soft fabric
  • Appropriate for men and women
  • Comfortable fitting


  • Multiple colors are available


  • Thick and furry cloak
  • Leather-looking warrior tunic
  • Adventurer pants

What are you waiting for? Get your King North Fur Faux Costume now!.

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