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Nerd | Men's Black Color Straight Middle Part Nerd Wig

Nerd | Men's Black Color Straight Middle Part Nerd Wig


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Being the most popular in school might not be your strong suit, but you will succeed in life and those who doubt you would have to bare your wrath while working for you. You could add to your next Halloween and Cosplay Nerd costume taking it a step above just average too extraordinary. Our wig has been fabricated with a standard cap design and features an adjustable lining. Best as a Cosplay to Halloween wig, this short hairstyle can be appropriate for men, women, nonbinary folks, and children. The flexible lining can be adjusted up to 22 inches. It can be adjusted small enough to accommodate adult men and women. This nerd wig is intended to last; the innovative cruelty-free synthetic fibers can be gently cleansed after use for longevity.  For the best results, gently wash with shampoo in cold water and allow to air dry. To ensure a no-slip fit wearing experience, use our complimentary wig cap included with your purchase.

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