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Steve the Pointy Brown Wig and Mustache

Steve the Pointy Brown Wig and Mustache


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Pointy Mustache would be good if you could make the Cowboy mustache in any order. If you decide to do the Mustachian cowboy in the order of your famous fu Manchu mustache, just do a big wash and dry. When you are done with the mustache cowman, and the one with a mustache is finished, you can paint your mustache with white paint. As the paint dries, it will lift off. This is best if done by a professional painter. Horseshoe Fake Mustache, is a very popular idea. But the real thing is so much more authentic. In the true style, the fake mustache has a hole in it. You could put it on a horse or on yourself and not look fake at all. Just remember to buy horseshoes. And a good hat

Pointy Mustache Cap Constructions:

  • Breathable Capless Cap
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Premium Handcrafted Wig
  • Designed for comfort fit
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