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Women's Multi Color Princess Costume

Women's Multi Color Princess Costume


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Currently a Queen amongst the other troll and daughter of King troll, she has challenges this time around bringing all the different music tribes together as the Rock n Roll Tribe tries to take all the other tribes strings. Queen Barb who is the antagonist kidnaps princess troll even though she tries to be friend her. Queen Troll is the leader of the snack pack and is happy go lucky even when times are tough she still bursts out into song. Living care free you could now embody this character and save the other tribes from world domination from Queen Barbara with our new and improved queen troll costume WIG NOT INCLUDED. This costume is made of 100% Polyester and could be worn for long time use whether it be for your Halloween group costumes to Cosplay conventions we have too covered.

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Dress, Cape & Hat


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