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HPO White Swan Wig with Mask - Long Synthetic Fibers

HPO White Swan Wig with Mask - Long Synthetic Fibers


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Complete your White Swan look with this stunning White Swan Wig with Mask! Made with long synthetic fibers, this wig perfectly imitates the swan's soft, feathery texture, adding a touch of realism to your costume.

The White Swan Wig comes with a beautifully designed swan mask that enhances the overall elegance of your costume. The long synthetic fibers of the wig flow gracefully, imitating the swan's natural movements. It's perfect for anyone who wants to embody the beauty and grace of a swan without having to wear a full bodysuit.

White Swan Wig with Mask for Your Next Halloween and Cosplay

The wig is easy to wear and comfortable, so you can dance and have fun all night long without any worries. So why settle for an ordinary costume when you can transform into a stunning White Swan with this beautiful White Swan Wig ?

Get ready to spread your wings and fly above the rest with this gorgeous White Swan Wig made with long synthetic fibers. It's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to be the talk of the town at their next costume event!

Notable Features:

  • White Swan Wig  is perfect for Halloween and cosplay events
  • Breathable cosplay costume
  • Made with synthetic fabric
  • Appropriate for all gender
  • Comfortable fitting

Items Included:

  • Mask
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